Maintenance of hot water systems

A joint investigation by the QBCC and Queensland Health has revealed that home owners are often not aware that hot water systems need to be serviced regularly.

Plumbers should remind home owners that it is generally recommended for hot water systems to be serviced by an appropriately licensed individual. Where the source water for the system is not a potable, reticulated source, the system may need to be serviced more frequently.

Home owners should also be made aware that they are advised to release the temperature pressure-relief valve at regular intervals to maintain proper functioning of the valve. This removes metals ions that may build up in the water close to the valve.

It is important that home owners are reminded to review the Owner’s Manual before releasing the valve to ensure they do this safely.

Plumbers should discuss a maintenance schedule with the home owner at the time of installation. Where practical, plumbers may consider maintaining records of the systems installed and send reminders when the service is due.

Plumbers are also reminded that it is their responsibility to select the correct anode for the hardness of the water supply. They should also familiarise themselves with the water in the area, and the manufacturer’s recommendations on anode selection.

For more information, refer to AS/NZS 3500.4 – Maintenance of Heated Water Services and any manuals supplied by the manufacturer.

Call the QBCC on 139 333.