Most common defects found on building sites

Our building inspectors see defective work on building sites from time to time, and some defects appear more often than others.

The 10 most common defects for 2014-2015 were:

  1.     Joinery
  2.     Tiling (floor)
  3.     Roof cladding
  4.     Painting
  5.     Wet areas - waterproofing membranes (internal)
  6.     Drainage
  7.     Wall cladding
  8.     Driveways and paths
  9.     Timber framing
  10.    Waterproofing membranes (external)

Make sure you download your free copy of the 2015 National Construction Code (NCC)
to clarify any doubts you might have about standards and codes and to help us all reduce the incidence of defective work.