New Notifiable Work system: uploading attachments

An exciting part of the QBCC’s new and improved solution for submitting Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) is your ability to upload attachments to your submission in myQBCC, the QBCC’s online customer portal.

Types of Attachments

When submitting Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A), the Category(ies) of work you have completed will impact the information displayed on the Attachments screen. To make it easy for you, below is a guide to Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) attachments:

  • Mandatory attachments – These are required for work completed under Categories 4 and 15 and must be provided before you can submit your Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A)
  • Recommended attachments – These are recommended for work completed under Category 8
  • Optional attachments – These are suggested for all Work Categories.

myQBCC will provide you with an on screen alert for any mandatory, recommended and optional attachments. Below is an example of what you might see on screen.

How to Upload Attachments

To upload attachments / documents, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the appropriate option from the 'What type of file are you attaching?' drop-down menu
  2. Select 'Choose File'
  3. Locate the relevant file
  4. Select 'Upload'.

We will provide regular email updates over the coming weeks to keep everyone informed about the improvements to submitting Notifiable Work. In the meantime, if you have any further questions regarding Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A), please contact us on 139 333.