New powerline safety planning tool

Energy Queensland has recently released a trial of a new app, a powerline safety planning tool available at: 

The app helps construction industry workers to adequately plan work around powerlines. The tool overlays powerlines onto geo-spatial imagery that assists planning work near powerlines.

It is very important that all workers are aware of the requirements to work safely near powerlines and the tool allows you to share the requirements of the site with all workers.

New powerline markers - rotamarkers

Ergon Energy and Energex also have new visible powerline markers called rotamarkers available for installation on construction sites. The rotating motion of these red and white markers draws the attention of operators working near them and keeps the powerlines front of mind.

To see these rotamarkers at work, check out the video.   

What you need to know about exclusion zones

It is a legislative requirement to always use safety observers to maintain a 3m exclusion zone from powerlines. Ergon Energy and Energex also supplies look up and live mechanise such as the machinery height stickers below.

Stickers and factsheets on these requirements can be ordered here.

For general powerline safety advice visit Ergon Energy.