Plumbing apprentices must be ready to get licensed

Doing an apprenticeship is hard work and the reward at the end of it is a provisional plumbing and drainage licence.

Plumbing and drainage apprentices must be ready to apply for their QBCC provisional plumbing and drainage licence as soon as they have a Certificate III in hand.

Given apprentices already have knowledge and working experience, a licence may just seem like a piece of paper but it's against the law to do even an hour of plumbing and drainage work without a licence.

It's not just the apprentice-turned-tradesperson who has committed an offence by working without a licence, it affects employers as well. 

Under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 (PDA), employers also commit an offence if former apprentices fail to get their provisional licence after they complete their apprenticeship. Additionally, employers must sight the provisional licence.

Remember, completing the apprenticeship is the hard part. More information is available at Apply for a provisional licence.