PSIs give advice as deadline looms

In the lead up to the 30 November deadline for the single pool safety standard, there is likely to be demand for your expertise as a pool safety inspector (PSI) like never before.

All owners of regulated pools need to ensure their pool barrier is compliant with the safety standard by 30 November 2015. A current pool safety certificate  is only required if an owner is selling or leasing the property.

A pool owner may contract you to advise or consult with them on whether their pool complies with the standard, as opposed to engaging you to provide a pool safety certificate or a non-conformity notice.

If you are engaged to advise or consult only:

  • Ensure that the service you are being engaged to provide is clearly documented. This may protect you from allegations, for example, that you were engaged to carry out an inspection and failed to give a certificate when you were only engaged to provide advice.
  • You are not obliged to give a pool safety certificate if the pool complies or a non-conformity notice if the pool does not comply (so there is no certificate cost).
  • The pool owner is free to engage another PSI at a subsequent time.

Please note: this differs to when a pool owner engages a PSI to inspect a pool for the purpose of obtaining a pool safety certificate and is issued a non-conformity notice. In these cases, a pool owner is not allowed to engage another PSI within three months of being issued a non-conformity notice to prevent owners from ‘shopping around’.

  • If you inspect a non-compliant pool that poses a serious safety risk, you should act in the public interest and notify the local government.

More information is available at Pool safety.