The trouble with waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the most common building defects reported by property owners.

Defective water proofing can cause a great deal of damage to property, and is often caused by poor installation practices.

In Queensland, if the value of the waterproofing work is over $3,300, it must be undertaken by a licensed individual. This work requires proper training and knowledge of how to apply waterproofing according to the Australian Standard.

It is also important for waterproofing licensees to have a good working knowledge of the range of products available and a sound understanding of how these products work.



Comments (2)

This article states that waterproofing up to the amount of $3300 can be done by anyone. The act also states that any incidental work under $3300 in total can be done by the builder, an employee of the builder or a licenced contractor. I am currently building an extension that will be housing our kitchen. My brother in law is the builder and I am a carpenter employed by him, but I am doing the whole build myself and arranging all trades. We haven't decided what we wanted for the splashback so have left it so far. At the final inspection our certifier decided that he wanted the 2 metre long splashback waterproofed and tiled before he would give us certification. He said that I couldn't do it myself as it had to be done by a waterproofer (he knows that I have done all the Carpentry and anything involved in my scope of work already). I believe this article and what I have read within the building act suggests that me as the employee of the builder, am able to waterproof the splashback in the kitchen. I would assume then that my employer (the builder) would issue a form 16. Is this correct and would this be the same for anything that is incidental work under $3300 (in total over the build) , such as replacing a small panel of glass, or floor polishing, etc, (jobs that are not within an occupational licence class)? Can anyone clarify this?

Hi Jonothon, thanks for getting in touch with us. I believe the incidental work information on our website may be useful to you - As your situation sounds like it may be a complicated one and may need further clarification, please give us a call anytime on 139 333 to discuss. Kind Regards, Kate.