What’s changing and what isn’t for PSIs

With this week’s launch of a public awareness campaign, pool safety laws will be in the spotlight like never before.

As pool safety inspectors (PSIs), you will be the go-to people for pool owners who are seeking advice on how to make their pool barriers compliant. 

So, what will change from 1 December, 2015?

Well, nothing will change for an existing property that has been sold or leased. Those laws are not changing. They are the same laws that have been in place since December, 2010.

The law for pool barrier compliance was introduced in December, 2010, with a five year phase-in period. The deadline for compliance is 30 November, 2015.

What will change is that from 1 December, every regulated swimming pool has to comply with the pool safety laws, not only properties that have been sold or leased.

From 1 December, owners who do not comply may face fines starting at around $800.

More information is available at Pool safety.