How to avoid disputes and build better

Even if you think you’ve planned for every situation during your build, you still may experience some challenges.

Things like supplies not turning up on time, contractors not being available when you need them, or personality clashes with your builder or sub-contractors, can all contribute to delays in getting the work done.

There are few simple things you can do to help avoid problems escalating.

Quick tips for preventing disputes


Probably the most important ingredient of a successful project is good communication. Having regular meetings, and establishing times to talk through issues as they arise, will help you work through most disagreements.

Don’t forget the details

Make sure you keep accurate records. Incomplete or incorrect information on your documents can cause frustration for both yourself and your builder. Taking the time to record changes and include all the relevant details, will help to keep everyone on the same page.

Learn about building basics

Become familiar with the building process and practices. One of the biggest issues builders have with their customers is the lack of understanding of the sequence of events when building.

Ask your builder about the flow of activities and what’s done at each stage. If you increase your knowledge you can avoid unrealistic expectations, and you’ll have a better appreciation of the expertise needed to complete your home.

Read your contract

Take the time to look at the conditions of your contract. When you know your rights and are familiar with all the details, it’s easier to sort out any problems.