Requesting documentation and additional inspections

In most cases, your builder will be responsible for engaging the private certifier on your behalf.

However, as the building owner, you have certain entitlements in regards to the certification process even if you are not the person who has engaged the private certifier.

From 1 October 2020, new laws allow building owners to obtain inspection documentation for all stages and request additional certifying functions – see our factsheet for a summary.

Note that the information on this page does not apply to owner-builders. Owner-builders should instead apply the information available for contractors.

Obtaining certification documents

Before the work reaches the final stage

If you are the owner of any class of building, and did not engage the building certifier yourself, you can request inspection documents from the building certifier for any stages they have certified. 

To make the request, you need to give the building certifier a Form 35 Owner Request for a Copy of Inspection Documents (PDF).

The building certifier is obligated to provide the requested inspection documentation to you within 5 business days. A penalty of up to 20 penalty units ($2,669 as at 1 October 2020) may apply if the building certifier does not comply.

Once the final stage is complete

You will be provided with final stage documents and don’t need to make a request to the building certifier. The process and types of documents depend on the class of the building.

The owner of a class 1a dwelling (or associated class 10 structure) will be given the final inspection certificate, plus a copy of any other inspection documentation.

The building certifier is responsible for ensuring these documents are given to you within 5 business days. Failing to do so may result in a penalty of up to 40 penalty units 

Owners of other types of buildings will be given a certificate of occupancy (previously known as a certificate of classification).

The building certifier must ensure the certificate of occupancy is given to you as soon as practicable once the building is eligible for the certificate. A penalty of up to 20 penalty units may apply if the building certifier does not do so.

Requesting additional certifying functions

As a building owner, you can request a building certifier perform inspections and other certifying functions additional to the standard stage inspections already required to be carried out by the certifier under the building development approval.

You can request the additional certifying functions by completing the Form 31 Additional Certification Notice (PDF) and giving it to the person (client) that engaged the certifier.

The additional certification notice needs to provide details of the certifying function the owner requests the certifier to perform. Only building certifying functions relating to compliance of a building with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or the Queensland Development Code (QDC) can be requested.

You must make the request within 10 business days of being advised of the certifier’s name and details of their engagement and your request must be passed onto the certifier within 5 business days.

After receiving the notice, the building certifier must perform the inspection stated in the notice on or before a day agreed between the owner, client, builder and certifier for completing the inspection, unless the certifier has a reasonable excuse.

You (the building owner requesting the additional inspections) must pay for the reasonable costs associated with the additional functions requested.