Supervision and quality control

Who is responsible for supervision?

For work carried out under a licence, the licensed contractor (including a nominee or site supervisor) must ensure work done under the licence is supervised by an appropriately licensed person.

For a construction manager, the obligations are the same as for a licensed contractor. It is their responsibility to make sure that the work done by licensed contractors for a principal (under construction management trade contracts) is supervised by an appropriately licensed person.

Trades coordination

It is the contractor's responsibility to supervise and coordinate tradesmen working on-site, and they are ultimately responsible for any defects in subcontractors' work.

Is a certifier responsible for supervision?

No. The contractor and owner are responsible for ensuring the building work meets acceptable standards. A certifier must act in the public interest in regard to health and safety but can’t supervise or report on the quality of work on an owner’s behalf. For more information, see Roles and responsibilities of a certifier.

Quality control

Any particular requirements for quality and finish (e.g. type and number of coats of paints) should be included in the contract.

You are encouraged to carry out regular on-site inspections with the builder to ensure work meets the approved plans and specifications set out in the contract, and is of the expected standard. If unsure about inspections, it may be worthwhile to use a private Building Consultant to monitor the job on your behalf and to raise any issues.