Buying an existing home

Search for insurance on existing home

If you’re about to buy a new home, you can check to see if it has cover under the Queensland Home Warranty Insurance Scheme. It lasts for 6 years and 6 months from when the premium is paid, though it can be extended if the construction was over 6 months. It may help you with any defects that develop after you move in.

While your solicitor will generally organise all the relevant searches on the property when you're buying a home, you can also place a search request with us yourself.

Apart from houses, other buildings that fall under the insurance scheme are duplexes, townhouses and low rise units (up to 3 storeys above a carpark).

Request an Insurance Search 

To request an insurance search you need to fill in the below form, send it in to us and we'll do the searching for you, then post you the results.

The insurance search fee is $44.20 per search. This is a flat fee charged per search, per property. A property's records may contain one or more current insurance premiums, and we will provide you with copies of these in your results. If we don't find any current insurance premiums, we will provide you with a document confirming this as proof that the search has been done.

Complete the Insurance Search Request form (PDF) and provide:

  • current and previous property descriptions
  • a copy of the registered plan, or
  • a copy of the building unit plan/survey plan/group title plan (for unit developments 3 storeys or under)
  • the fee of $44.20

If you don’t have a property plan, contact the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

We aim to respond within 7 working days if all the information is provided.

Note: if the property was completed more than 6 years ago, there is a good chance the Home Warranty Insurance policy will have expired and your search results will not display the details of the builder who performed the work. If you are specifically wishing to identify the builder of the property , please consider lodging an application with RTI or contact our RTI area on (07) 3613 3143.