Certifier licence information

Updating or changing certifier licence details

Use the Change of Particulars for Building Certifier form (PDF) to update your contact details, change the level of your licence, or apply for an endorsement.

Change of level

If you want to apply for a different level of licence, include your current AIBS or RICS accreditation certificate with the form.  You’ll have to pay an additional application fee if applying at any time other than renewal.

Add an endorsement

To apply for private certification endorsement, send in your proof of Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance cover with your completed form.

To apply for development approval endorsement you must  hold, or be applying for, private certification endorsement. Attach your Issuing Development Permits for Building Work course completion certificate with your completed form.

Fees for endorsements

An application fee is payable for each endorsement if you don’t apply at time of renewal. However, if both endorsements are applied at the same time, then only one application fee is payable.