Complaints against certifiers

If you believe a certifier has not met the required standards when approving or inspecting building work, you can submit a complaint including your evidence and reasons.

This process relates to complaints against certifiers only. See defective building work for advice on complaints against builders and trade contractors. 

Make a  complaint

Complete the Complaint against a Certifier Form (PDF), ensuring the declaration is signed and witnessed, and return via mail, or visit your nearest QBCC office.
Attach supporting documents such as:

  • engineer’s reports
  • inspection certificates
  • approval notice
  • photographs.

Note: We keep all copies.

Can I make a complaint about a company?

No. You can only make a complaint against an individual certifier who is licensed, or previously licensed.

What happens after I send in my complaint?

We provide details of your complaint to the certifier and ask for a response. Once we have received a reply, we'll review both parties’ written submissions.

After the initial review, we may carry out a site inspection or make a recommendation for mediation. In the case where mediation fails or was not suggested, we continue to investigate all details prior to making a decision.

How long will it take?

We can’t provide an exact timeframe as each case is taken on its own merits. It depends on the nature of your complaint and the time it takes to review the information and documents provided.

If the case involves professional misconduct, it may take longer to reach a resolution as we apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to start disciplinary action. 

Your privacy

We keep the information you provide to us during the complaint process, confidential. However, documents you supply will generally be forwarded to the building certifier. Documents can also be subject to an application for access under the Right to Information Act 2009 (PDF) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (PDF).