Judgment debts

A judgment debt is an amount accepted by a court as being owed by a QBCC licensee to another person under a contract for the supply of goods or services relating to building work.

If you are applying for a licence or have an existing one, you can't have an upaid or unsatisfied judgment debt as you will not meet the financial requirement. We penalise a person or company 10 demerit points for each judgment debt owed that is not paid on time.

Notify QBCC of judgment debts

If you take legal action against a QBCC licensee and a judgment is given in your favour it is important to tell usfor our records. Go online or download and complete the Monies Owed Complaint Form (PDF) and include a copy of the judgment certificate.

Public records and judgment debts

Demerit points for judgment debts are publically recorded on our on-line licence search as a warning to subcontractors, suppliers and consumers that the licensee has not paid a judgment debt.

We remove demerit points for unsatisfied judgment debts once the debt is paid.