Contract issues

If you and your builder are in disagreement over a contractual issue which you are not able to resolve yourselves,  you must explore our dispute resolution processes before going to Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) or court.

Other options for resolving contract disputes 

You may have remedies available under your contract, including:

  • liquidated damages – where you receive a prearranged amount of money per day if the contractor fails to complete the project on time, or
  • contract termination – where there has been a substantial breach of the contract and you have followed the termination procedures in the contract.  It is essential that you obtain legal advice before ending the contract for any reason.  If your contract is not properly terminated you may lose some protection under the Home Warranty Scheme. 

We can direct a contractor to rectify defective work even if the contract is terminated, as the contractor is still responsible for the work that has been completed. QBCC's complaints process page has more information.