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Recent webinars

Know your timber webinar

If you use or recommend structural timber products you need to know how to correctly identify them as complying with Australian Standards, CodeMark certification or a Performance Solution.

Timber Queensland’s technical expert steps you through how to correctly identify structural timber products, and QBCC non-conforming building product (NCBP) auditors will advise on NCBPs and how to report them.

The presentation is suitable for tradespeople, builders, certifiers, project managers, architects, retailers, suppliers, owner builders and anyone using or recommending structural timber products for building.

Trust account overview and eligibilty
(recorded 20 July 2021)

Webinar presentation (PDF)

Managing a trust (recorded 5 August 2021)

Webinar presentation (PDF)

Recent tours

Tradie Tour March 2021 – For what you need to know

In this tour, we presented two important sessions covering one of our top ten defects, plasterboard, with the second session focusing on annual financial reporting lodgement and new laws for Queensland. 



Plasterboard consistently appears in our list of top 10 defects. We partnered with experts from the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Queensland to provide information on:

  • installation – best practice and common defects
  • finishing
  • firewalls and separation
  • class 2-9 structures.

Annual financial reporting lodgement and new laws for Queensland

The annual financial reporting deadline for Self-certifying Category 1 and Self-certifying Category 2 licensees was on 31 March 2021. To support lodgement, we focussed on:

  • a brief overview of your requirements
  • who doesn't have to comply
  • how to avoid common problems. 

The second part of the session provided high-level information on new laws for Queensland, including:

  • the trust account framework
  • the security of payment reforms
  • changes to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991
  • the fire protection licensing framework 
  • the mechanical services licensing framework. 

Webinar recordings

If you missed our statewide Tradie Tour on annual financial reporting lodgement and new laws for Queensland, watch the recording of our webinar here:

Annual financial reporting presentation (PDF)

If you missed our statewide Tradie Tour on Plasterboard, watch the recording of our webinar here:

Plasterboard presentation (PDF)

Tradie Tour - storm season

This Tradie Tour was all about getting you ready for storm season. It provided information about building and construction in cyclone-prone regions, and how best to retrofit older homes to reduce damage from cyclones and storms in our live webinar.

The guest speaker was Dr David Henderson, Senior Research Engineer from the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University, Townsville.

Dr Henderson talked about:

  • the performance of modern buildings in Tropical Cyclone (TC) Marcia and TC Debbie, including:
    • changes to codes and standards
    • surveyed design and construction issues
    • damage from wind driven rainwater ingress
    • retrofitting of older homes to reduce damage from cyclones and storms.

QBCC Building Inspectors also offered tips on how to better prepare your building sites in the event of a storm, how you can recover faster from storms and cyclones, and considerations when building in higher wind areas.

View a recording of the webinar below:

Important Changes For Certifiers

Recorded Thursday 24 September 2020

Changes to Security of Payment Laws in Queensland

Recorded Monday 21 September 2020

WEBINAR: MFR and Annual Reporting - SC1 and SC2

WEBINAR: MFR and Annual Reporting - Cat 1 to 3

WEBINAR: MFR and Annual Reporting - Cat 4 to 7 and accountants

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