Entry warrant executed at Brett George Hogan’s home

18 May 2017

An entry warrant has been executed at Brett George Hogan’s house as part of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s (QBCC) lead contamination investigation. 

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said that copies of Mr Hogan’s Hot Water One business records were obtained during the warrant execution this morning, as part of the investigation. 

“Our top priority right now is to get in contact with the people at the 796 properties potentially affected by non-compliant plumbing work,” Mr Bassett said. 

“Mr Hogan was cooperative with officials this morning, and we’d like to again thank him for his help.” 

The QBCC this week issued a public warning and is in the process of contacting 796 property owners, whose hot water systems may have lead contamination, because of non-compliant work. 

The QBCC has so far contacted 145 property owners and, in conjunction with the relevant Local Governments, 39 inspections have been carried out. 

The QBCC has suspended Mr Hogan’s licence and he has been fined the maximum penalty of $7,000. 

Commissioner Bassett has once again urged anyone who thinks they’ve had work done by Mr Hogan to contact the QBCC immediately on 139 333. 

“We’re currently contacting the people whose properties we know could be affected, but if anyone has any concerns, they’re encouraged to call us at any time,” Mr Bassett said. 

People requiring health information on lead should contact their GP or call 13HEALTH. 

If a home or property owner believes there could be an issue with work done by Mr Hogan or Hot Water One, they can phone the QBCC on 139 333 to arrange for a free inspection by the QBCC or a Local Government Authority.