Change, replace or surrender your owner builder permit

You can change some details on your permit (description or value of work) by completing an Application to Amend an Existing Owner Builder Permit form (PDF).

Replace your owner builder permit

If you need to replace your owner builder permit, lodge the Owner Builder Replacement Permit form (PDF) with the replacement fee payment.

Surrender your owner builder permit

You can surrender your owner builder permit at any time. Once surrendered, you can’t perform any more owner builder work on the property. Complete the Application to Surrender an Owner Builder Permit form (PDF).

What happens if I surrender my permit after work has started?

We don’t cover any work you did under the permit under the Queensland Home Warranty insurance scheme. This includes any work done by a licensed contractor.

Your property title will still have a notification about the permit for 7 years.

What happens if I surrender my permit before work starts?

If you decide to have a licensed contractor do the whole job, you must surrender the permit before you sign a contract.

You can request to have the title notification removed only where you surrendered the permit, and:

  • your building approval was cancelled (you will need written confirmation from the certifier)
  • you didn’t obtain building approval – provide a current council search, or a letter confirming 'current land status' from your solicitor.