Changing or cancelling insurance

You can cancel your policy if the work doesn’t go ahead, however you can only do this under certain conditions:

  • the construction work must not have started
  • you and the owner have terminated the contract
  • less than 1 year has elapsed since the day the contract was signed
  • the deposit has been refunded – less lawful deductions which could include the premium
  • you’ve given us all the required information.

What do you need to send to us?

  • The completed Insurance Cancellation and Amendment Form (PDF); or
  • a letter stating that you want to cancel the insurance policy
  • a declaration that no works have commenced
  • a signed and dated copy of the building contract including the deposit/stage payments section (we don’t need a copy of the terms and conditions). Provide a Statutory Declaration if you don’t have a written contract
  • receipts/reconciliation showing the refund of deposit
  • evidence of contract termination, including where applicable, a copy of the written notice of withdrawal under the ‘cooling off period’.

Terminating a contract after work starts

If you have contractual problems, we may be able to help facilitate a resolution, however it’s important to seek legal advice before terminating a contract after work has begun, as it may affect our ability to help you. 

If you terminate your contract, we can investigate complaints about defective work and may be able to assist with rectification in some circumstances. We may also be able to help with completion of the work if you properly terminate your contract due to the contractor's breach. You can get further important information about termination in our fact sheet How to terminate a building contract (PDF).