How you can assist us in processing your application or request

You can help us to process applications more efficiently by:

  • Looking first at to decide whether you require a formal RTI or IP Application or an Administrative Access request,
  • Requesting only the important documents you require not your whole file,
  • Emailing if you are not sure how to narrow the scope of your application,
  • Including Identification, or authorisation with your application if required,
  • Requesting an invoice if payment is required for a RTI Application fee so that you can pay through online banking,
  • Being supportive if we request an extension to finalise your application, as we will only ask you if this is required and we will still endeavour to finalise your application as soon as possible.

What you need to know

  • We currently have a backlog of applications and are continuing to receive new applications at a considerable rate, so we appreciate your patience and understanding when delays occur in finalising your applications and requests.
  • Due to legislative requirements, we cannot process your application after the due date without you agreeing to an extension.
  • If your application is not processed by the due date for any reason we will need to do a deemed decision.(automatic refused access when considered decision not made within the processing period or agreed longer period)
  • We will negotiate with you regarding your options if a deemed decision occurs.
  • If your application is large and or complex we may have to refuse it unless you agree to narrow the scope. (If QBCC considers the work involved would substantially and unreasonably divert the agency resources)