Apply for a certifier licence

PI insurance

The previous professional indemnity exemption timeframe has now been extended. Until 30 June 2022, private certifiers do not require professional indemnity insurance coverage for performing private certifying functions directly related to external cladding, or the use of external cladding, that does not comply with any of the following:

  • an Act or other law of the Commonwealth or a State;
  • an Australian Standard;
  • the BCA.

External cladding in this context is cladding or a cladding system:

  • forming part of, or attached or applied to, an external wall or other external part of a building other than a roof; and
  • made, in whole or in part, of composite material,

Where a certifier obtains an exempted licence and holds PI insurance with a cladding related exclusion prior to 30 June 2022, their exempted licence will still be valid and they will be able to continue to operate until their exempted licence expires.

Applying for a licence

Complete the Building Certifier Licence Application Form (PDF), and include your:

Send certified copies of original documents only.

Lodge your application by sending it to GPO Box 5099, Brisbane QLD 4001, or visit your nearest QBCC office.

Other endorsements

If you're applying for private certification endorsement, you need to have Professional Indemnity insurance (PI)  and include proof of cover with your application. Find out more about PI insurance on the Professional Indemnity Form (PDF).

For development approval endorsement that allows you to issue building permits as a private certifier, you need to complete an Issuing Development Permits for Building Work course, and provide the completion certificate with your application.

Interstate or New Zealand licensees

If you hold a similar licence or registration within another Australian State/Territory, or jurisdiction within New Zealand, you may be able to apply under the Mutual Recognition or Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Principle.

To apply, download a Mutual Recognition Form (PDF).

Licence not approved

If we don’t approve your application and you are dissatisfied with our decision, you can lodge an appeal with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) within 28 days.