Most trade contractors and builders working in Queensland need to be licenced.  Depending on the work being performed you may need to apply for one or more licences to cover the work being undertaken. In some cases a company may need to hold the licence for the building work undertaken.

Do you need a licence?

Whether or not you need a licence is determined by the type and value of the work you carry out.

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Which licence do you need to apply for?

View the scope of work for each licence class to deteremine which licence or licences you will need to apply for, and how to apply.

Licence types 

QBCC offer four types of licences to cover different roles and responsibilities in the building industry. Use the table below to guide you as to which licence type may suit your needs. You must ensure that you only carry out building work covered by your licence type.

Supervise building work
Be a nominee for a building company
Enter into building contracts for building work
Nominee Supervisor
Site Supervisor
Fire Occupational

Applying for a licence

Each licence class scope of works page outlines the specific requirements to qualify for relevant licence types in that class. From there it will link you off to the apply now page for each licence type. 

Whatever licence you need to apply for, you need to meet a few requirements. We want to know about:

  • your qualifications,
  • experience and
  • how you run your business.

If you don’t have a formal qualification, you can get your skills recognised and we provide full details about where you can go to either complete a course or begin the process to get recognition.

Once you have determined which licences you are applying for you need to:

  1. Gather all relevant documentation
  2. Complete the application PDF form (or apply online where available).
  3. Submit application and 
  4. Pay the fees

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How much does a licence cost?

What you pay is based on your business revenue and the type of licence. 

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From overseas or interstate and want to work in Queensland?

There are a few more steps to complete if you live overseas but want to work in Queensland as a builder or contractor, as you may need to get your international qualification recognised. If you are an interstate licensee, we can usually give you an equivalent licence – it is just a matter of completing a short form. See Moving from interstate or overseas to get all the information.