Continuing Professional Development

An adjudicator must comply with registration conditions including the requirement to complete continuing professional development. 

An adjudicator must:

  • Accumulate 10 CPD points in each CPD year - at least 3 of which must be accumulated by completing core CPD activities
  • Keep a record in the approved form of each CPD activity completed in the CPD year
  • Give the registrar a written copy of the approved form within 14 days after the CPD year ends

The approved is s37 Record of Continuing Professional Development Activities. The form may be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. Access the online version of the form through myQBCC and submit the generated approved form. View a video guide for accessing the online portal; or
  2. Access the paper based version form s37 Record of Continuing Professional Development Activities (PDF).


A CPD unit is one hour of continuing professional development activity approved under regulation.

A CPD year is from 1 April to 31 March in the following year.

Approved CPD activities

CPD activities

CPD activity must be:

  • An activity identified as a CPD activity in the Continuing Professional Development for Adjudicators Policy;
  • Another activity the Registrar considers to be equivalent.

You may apply for consideration of another activity by completing the Consideration of Equivalent CPD Activity for Adjudicators form and submitting it to the Registrar.

CPD Activities may consist of:

  • Courses, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, discussion groups, multimedia or web-based program (in person or online); or
  • Preparation and delivery of a lecture at seminars, conferences or courses; or
  • Preparation and publication of paper or case update in law, academic or industry publication; or
  • Satisfactory completion of subjects or modules within relevant undergraduate or postgraduate courses or units of study from a professional body; or
  • Subscriptions to a professional journal or publication that is relevant to adjudication; or
  • Completion of a unit of CPD with a professional association that is relevant to adjudication work.

Equivalent Activity

A CPD activity may also be another activity the Registrar considers to be equivalent to a CPD activity identified in the Continuing Professional Development for Adjudicators Policy.

An adjudicator can request that an activity be considered by the registrar as equivalent by using the Consideration of Equivalence CPD Activity form

For any activity the Registrar considers to be equivalent, to an activity identified in this policy, the Registrar will allow the adjudicator to accumulate the same number of CPD points. The registrar may, by written notice, require the adjudicator to give the registrar further information about the CPD activities. If an adjudicator does not comply with the notice, the adjudicator is taken to have failed to comply with the requirement to accumulate CPD points.

The Registrar has made available a list of other activities that are considered equivalent, below:

Approved activity Equivalent to CPD Points Maximum number of points that can be undertaken for the type
Private study with the maintenance of a “reflection journal” of some sort that would record the subject matter of each reading and your reflections on particular matters of importance or interest to you Courses, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, discussion groups, multimedia or web-based program (in person or online) 1 CPD point/hour N/A

The CPD requirements can be found in the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Regulation 2018.

The Continuing Professional Development Policy 2018 (PDF) includes further information.

Enquiries regarding CPD requirements should be directed to the adjudication registry: