Deciding whether to make an internal review application

What the Internal Review Unit can do

The review decision maker can make a new decision that replaces the original decision made by QBCC.

Like the original decision maker, the Internal Review Unit must apply the same regulations, policies and procedures as the original decision maker. For this reason, there is a possibility that the internal review decision may be the same or similar to the original decision. E.g this may result in, for example, a new direction to rectify being issued and an additional period of time for the contractor to complete the works.

Circumstances in which the internal review outcome may be different to the original decision includes where there has been a change in circumstances, new information comes to light since the original decision was made or crucial information which was missed in making the original decision.

What the Internal Review Unit cannot do

Internal reviews cannot be conducted on certain types of issues or decisions. These include:

  • Staff conduct
  • Decisions from another agency
  • Penalty Infringement Notices
  • Matters in QCAT
  • Where a reviewable decision has not yet been made
  • Changes to legislation
  • Items out of scope of review application
  • Regulatory action against licensees

How to complain

  • For staff service and conduct complaints – please go to feedback/complaints or email
  • For complaints about another agency: please contact the relevant agency for relevant review avenue/s
  • PINS (Penalty Infringement Notices): please refer to the back of your PIN notification for options
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) matters: please contact QCAT
  • Where there is no decision: where QBCC has not yet made a decision, please refer to the relevant unit/ service centre for further information

Communicating with IRU

While the Internal Review Unit can empathise with your situation, poor behaviour toward Commission staff will not be tolerated. We ask that you treat all staff with respect, and that if you have a genuine complaint about a Commission process or staff member, that you do so through the appropriate avenues for providing this feedback.

Do I have to use the internal review process?

No, you may choose to make an application for review by QCAT regarding the Commission’s original decision. QCAT is independent of the Commission and will make a new decision which must be adopted by the Commission. But like IRU, QCAT cannot change the legislation or take regulation action etc.