Brisbane certifier Trevor Gerhardt loses his licence to practise

8 November 2019

Queensland’s building regulator has cancelled the certifier licence of Trevor Gerhardt, whose public licence record shows four findings of unsatisfactory conduct against him between 2015 and 2018.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) cancelled Mr Gerhardt’s certifier licence this week as it was determined that he was not a suitable person to hold a licence as defined by the Building Act.

QBCC Commissioner, Brett Bassett, said that this action would uphold appropriate standards for those performing building certification work in Queensland, which in turn would help to maintain the confidence of the 240,000 Queenslanders employed in the building and construction industry.

In addition to the findings of unsatisfactory conduct by the QBCC, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) in September 2018 reprimanded Mr Gerhardt and ordered him to pay a penalty to the QBCC of $7,500.

QCAT also ordered that he take all necessary steps to ensure that his private certifying functions complied with relevant legislative requirements and the Code of Conduct for building certifiers.

The QBCC’s public licence search reveals that the reasons for the findings of unsatisfactory conduct included that Mr Gerhardt had:

  • approved and certified building work that included an alternative solution for a fire-safety system without firstly ensuring that the application was referred to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • breached a number of sections of the Building Act, and
  • failed to comply with legislative requirements by not obtaining a referral agency’s response for an application.

QBCC regulatory actions can be reviewed by internal and external processes.


As revealed in a number of publicly available media articles, Mr Gerhardt’s activities have also been the subject of a number of actions by the Brisbane City Council


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