Court action to stop Plumbing Detectives’ mass magnet mail out

23 January 2019

The Supreme Court has ordered by consent an unprecedented injunction to stop a mass mail out of illegal fridge magnets advertising plumbing services throughout Queensland.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) sought an injunction against the widespread distribution of the magnets just before Christmas.

By orders issued by the Queensland Supreme Court on 21 January 2019, NSW-based company Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd, and directors Belal Dassouki and Mahmoud Sayadi, have all been ordered by consent to stop issuing the magnets until they are appropriately licensed in Queensland. In addition, Serving You Pty Ltd and Joel Deuis have been ordered by consent to stop issuing magnets on their behalf.

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said this was the first time an injunction has been ordered for illegal plumbing advertising, and this was a win for Queenslanders.

“The NSW-based company is under investigation by the NSW Office of Fair Trading and it has been accused of ripping off elderly customers,” Mr Bassett said.

“It is unlicensed in Queensland and was flouting the law with the spam magnet mail out.

“Safety for all Queenlanders is of the utmost importance, and advertising for plumbing work must be done by an appropriately licensed contractor.

“The QBCC has been inundated with people reporting the fridge magnets being delivered to their mail boxes.

“Working closely with Australia Post, our investigators have seized a further 5,000 magnets that were due to be distributed throughout Queensland.

“As part of the investigation, the QBCC investigators used seizure powers that came into effect under new legislation brought in by the Queensland Government in November 2017, aimed at ensuring a safe, fair and sustainable building and construction industry,” he said.

It is an offence to advertise for licensed work if you don’t hold a QBCC licence. All plumbing work is required to be undertaken by an appropriately licensed contractor. People are urged to use Queensland plumbers, and if you have any concerns, or would like to check a plumber is appropriately licensed visit


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