New regulator appointment vows to protect Queenslanders

24 September 2019

An award winning and prominent builder with a lifetime’s experience and expertise in building and construction has joined the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) as the new Assistant Commissioner - Technical.

Yvonne Pengilly has had an extensive career in the industry from subcontract brick and blockwork to a company director overseeing high end resort and multi-storey apartment developments.

Ms Pengilly has worked in all facets of the industry, including trade contracting, contract administration, project, design and development management, and has held titles such as project superintendent, regional manager and company director.

She is a licensed open builder and has held board positions with two state regulatory authorities and was an electoral committee member of Master Builders Queensland (MBQ).

Ms Pengilly was awarded MBQ State Woman in Building 2013 and used this platform to establish Women in Construction FNQ, which successfully promotes engagement of engineers, architects and builders in Far North Queensland through educational events.

"I have seen the industry from all perspectives, and have worked with people at all levels from across the State and further afield," Ms Pengilly said.

"My focus will be on continuing to deliver improvements in building performance and compliance as our construction methods and materials move into a future with new challenges, new technologies and new opportunities."

In her role at the QBCC, Ms Pengilly will be responsible for leading more than 200 staff, from across a range of teams which regulate building standards and quality. The role will also see her heading up the QBCC’s work to ward off serious building defects seen in southern states, such as with the Opal and Mascot towers.

"QBCC inspectors are authorised to enter building sites, including high-rise construction sites, to conduct random inspections of building work.

"Our inspectors can issue on-the-spot instructions to rectify, well before a tenant sets foot inside in the building.

"We will be using all the tools available to us, including the country’s toughest non-conforming building products laws, to reassure Queenslanders that our buildings meet standards and community expectations for safety."

If residents living in newly built high-rises, or other dwellings, have a complaint about defective work, they’re urged to contact the QBCC on 139 333.


Contact; 139 333