One week to finalise cladding checklist

23 March 2019

Queensland building owners are being urged to finalise their combustible cladding checklists, with just a week remaining to meet the deadline.

Owners of all multi-storey private buildings built or modified since 1 January 1994 must complete Part 1 of the checklist before 29 March 2019.

So far 14,336 building assessments have been registered on the Safer Buildings website since it went live in August 2018. In the past four weeks alone, more than 4000 building assessments have been lodged.

Part 1 of the checklist asks just four simple questions and is free of charge for owners, however more than 4300 building assessments have not completed Part 1.

With 76 per cent of buildings that have finished Part 1 having no further requirements, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) is urging owners to complete the checklist now and avoid a penalty.

Those failing to complete Part 1 on time will not only be liable for penalties up to $2611, but will also be required to continue to Part 2.

Buildings that continue to Part 2 will require further investigation by professionals to rule out dangerous cladding.

QBCC Commissioner Brett Bassett said the Commission would not let up on combustible cladding until the risk of a serious cladding fire in Queensland had been mitigated.

“Combustible cladding is a serious issue, as we have seen with another cladding fire recently in Victoria at the Neo200 building,” Mr Bassett said.

“Most buildings won’t need any work done, but we have to check just in case, because safety is ourpriority.

“I urge building owners to take care of their obligations under the law as a matter of urgency for thesafety of building occupants.”

Visit for more information about the combustible cladding checklist.


  • Some buildings may have more than one building assessment registered. Multiple buildings may also be in one location. Numbers of individual buildings will be confirmed in later stages of the Safer Buildings process.
  • Queensland has high fire safety standards, and numerous fire safety systems are built into commercial and accommodation buildings that enhance safety, including mandatory fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and evacuation requirements.

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