myQBCC - adding other users to your account

A person granted access to another person's account is called a 'Nominated Representative'. You can nominate as many people as you want to have access to your account to complete different actions on your behalf.

You can also nominate an authorised person to add and remove nominated representatives on your behalf, that way another party can complete the administration duties without you having to log in.

Currently, this includes the following:

  • spouse/life partner
  • family member
  • employee
  • accountant
  • authorised person

If you also manage a company from your account, this company can give access to nominated representatives under the title of ‘employee’ only.

Below is a summary of the steps needed to nominate a representative or remove one as well as an overview of the different access permissions applicable for different myQBCC services.

Adding or removing a Nominated Representative 

Add a nominated representative:

  1. Select  "Licences" at the top of account login page
  2. Click "Action" tab to the left of the licence you are granting access to
  3. Select "Add a new representative"
  4. Enter the representative's full name, mobile phone, email address and accept the terms
  5. Click submit to access the Manage Permissions page
  6. Locate the newly added representative and click 'enable' to grant permission to access myQBCC

Remove a nominated representative

  1. Log in to myQBCC and click on Licences
  2. Locate the licensee you wish to remove and click on the drop down menu headed 'Action"
  3. Select Manage Representatives
  4. Select Add new representative
  5. Select Remove access