Former fire protection licences (prior to 1 May 2021)

Most licence classes automatically transitioned to the new relevant licence class following the commencement of a new framework on 1 May 2021. Some licensees have transitioned with an upskilling requirement. Such licensees may perform work within their new licence class scope of work but must complete specified training before the required date.    

Licensees should be aware of changes to scope of work, in particular, there have been changes to the scope of works for ‘certify’ classes across all licence streams. Other classes may also have changes to scope of work and this is detailed in the transition to new licence streams

In some cases, licensees will need to apply for additional licence classes to be able to carry out their current scope of work in full. Some licensees will have an expanded scope of work. It is important for these licensees to ensure that they work within their competence.  

The QBCC will contact current licensees who hold a fire protection licence before the new licensing framework commences on 1 May 2021 to ensure they understand what the changes mean for them. 

Types of changes for existing licensees

Depending on the licence you currently hold, one of the following four changes will apply from 1 May 2021: