Changes to portable fire equipment licences

Existing portable fire equipment and hose reel licences have transitioned to the portable stream under the new framework. 

Diagram depicting transition of old licence class to new portable stream

Key changes for existing licensees:

  • There are changes for licensees transitioning to the new ‘certify’ classes 
  • ‘Install and maintain’ class will automatically transition, however the scope of work for licensees who transitioned from the 'fire hydrants and hose reels - inspect and test' licence class also temporarily includes, until 31 October 2021, the former scope of work (inspect and test of fire hydrants and hose reels). From 1 November 2021, licensees will require an additional class for this work.

For more information about licensees transitioning to the portable stream from the fire hydrants and hose reels - inspect and test class, refer to:

Former licence classes that have transitioned: