Changes to sprinkler and suppression systems licences

Sprinkler and suppression systems licences transitioned to the water-based fire system stream under the new framework which commenced on 1 May 2021. 

Diagram depicting transition of licence classes for sprinkler and suppression systems

Key changes for transitioning licensees:

  • New definitions for domestic and residential fire sprinkler systems and commercial or industrial type sprinkler systems have been included (and reference to AS2118 removed).
  • There are changes for licensees who transitioned to the new ‘certify’ classes. 
  • ‘Install and maintain’ classes automatically transitioned to the most relevant new ‘install and maintain’ class. 
  • The former ‘inspect and test’ class automatically transitioned to the new ‘install and maintain’ class – the broader scope means:
    • licensees will be able to carry out all types of installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems 
    • incidental installation of fire collars will also be included.
  • The new water-based fire system stream now includes work on fire hydrant systems and fire hose reels – with or without pumps in the scope of work for all classes.

For more information see the fact sheet: Changes to licence classes for fire pumps, hydrants, hose reels and sprinkler systems (PDF).

Former licence classes that have transitioned: