Notifiable work for plumbing and drainage

Lodging Form 4A - public sector entities

Public sector entities carrying out notifiable work must give a written notice - Form 4A - to QBCC within 10 business days of the work becoming operational, or the issue of the customer’s invoice (whichever is earlier).

What is a public sector entity?

  • a state and local government department
  • part of a government department or agency
  • an authority
  • a commission
  • a government owned corporation
  • an instrumentality
  • an office or other entity established under an Act for a public or state purpose government-owned corporation

A distributer/retailer is not a public sector entity.

Who can lodge a Form 4A?

  • QBCC occupational licensees employed by a public sector entity; and
  • QBCC licensed plumbing and drainage contractors who have a contract service agreement with a public sector entity

How to lodge a Form 4A

You can either:

If you are not already registered, you can create a myQBCC account now.

If your experience any problems entering your Form 4A details online, contact us on 139 333.

Distribution of completed Form 4A

  1. Retain the stub/copy for your own records;
  2. Lodge the designated QBCC section with us via mail or in person
  3. Give the PSE section to the nominated representative.  Note: During an audit, we will contact this person.