Notifiable work for plumbing and drainage

Manual lodgement of Form 4 for notifiable work

You can lodge the form manually using the Form 4 – Notifiable work book. Simply complete the form and send it to us at GPO Box 5099, Brisbane Qld 4001. You can contact us on 139 333 or email to order new Form 4 booklets.

How much do I pay?

$41.50 per form.

When should I submit the form?

You must report the completion of notifiable work to us, by lodging a Form 4/4A, within 10 business days of the work becoming operational, or the issue of the customer’s invoice (whichever is earlier).

Who should sign the manual form?

A responsible person has to sign the form.  This means:

  • a full plumber and drainer; or
  • a licensed supervisor, if you are a provisional licensee 

If there is more than one licensee on the same job, one licensee can submit a Form 4 on behalf of the other licensees. The licensee that submits the form will be the responsible person for the work.

How many manual forms do I lodge if there is more than one category of work on the same job

Where more than one category of notifiable work is performed on a premises under a single transaction, typically, only one Form 4 needs to be lodged.   In determining whether a combination of jobs form part of a single transaction, we consider the following factors:

  • whether the work was included in a single work order or quotation
  • when the work was completed and ready to be used by the occupant of the premises
  • when the licensee issued an invoice for the work.

For example, if a licensee undertakes a bathroom renovation and also install a new hot water heater on the same premises as part of a single transaction, only one Form 4 is required.

Who needs a copy of the completed form?

  1. Retain the stub/copy for your own records
  2. Lodge the designated QBCC section with us via mail or in person
  3. Give a copy to the owner/occupier

If you are doing maintenance or Form 4 alterations work for real estate agents, body corporate management or the like, the 'owner' copy of the form should be given to the agent who contracted the work.  The agent should then give this form to the owner.