Notifiable work for plumbing and drainage

Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) - local governments: create an account or login

The new way to audit Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) for Local Government has arrived on myQBCC, the QBCC’s online customer portal.

You can view an instruction video on How to audit Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) on myQBCC to see how the process works.

This means that you will now:

  • have access to a more reliable and stable online service
  • have an easier way to search submissions lodged in your area, including by site address or category of work performed
  • be able to mark Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) for audit, record the audit outcome and add comments, and be able to view the audit history
  • have access to any attachments to Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) submissions, including 'As Constructed' diagrams where the work involved underground drainage
  • be able to record enforcement actions
  • be able to produce a report.

What do you need to do?

You will need a new myQBCC account as your old PAS login and password are not recognised by the new system. 

If you have not received a 'Welcome to myQBCC' email from us advising that we have created an account for you now that the new system is live, please email with the following details:

  • First name and surname of the user
  • Your local government individual email address i.e. cannot be a generic or group email, and it must end in ‘’ or the account cannot be created.
  • Your business telephone numbers e.g. landline and mobile
  • The name of the LG entity you work for.

If you have been registered for a myQBCC account for Local Government you can login to myQBCC and get started.

How do I use myQBCC to audit Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A)?

We've created some resources to help get your started. 

Auditing Notifiable Work (Form 4/4A) User Guide - Local Government (PDF)

This User Guide provides an overview of auditing Notifiable Work on myQBCC, from getting registered for a special 'Local Government' profile myQBCC account right through to searching for submissions and marking them for audit. Recording your audit outcomes, including any enforcement actions, and creating and exporting a report of all submissions in your chosen timeframe rounds out the topics covered in this handy document that can be viewed online or printed off for future reference.