Notifiable work for plumbing and drainage

What is notifiable work and what do I need to do?

Notifiable work is common, everyday plumbing and draining work performed by plumbers and drainers on existing buildings. If you are a QBCC plumbing and drainage licensee, you must always report notifiable work to us.

 It includes:

  • installing, replacing or removing any electric, gas, solar or heat pump hot water heaters
  • installing fixtures such as toilets, showers and sinks
  • extending, altering, replacing or removing water supply pipes
  • extending, altering, replacing or removing waste pipes (depending on the placement of the pipework).

For more detailed information, view the following fact sheets:

How does it work?

  1. You must report the completion of notifiable work to us, by lodging a Form 4/4A, within 10 business days of the work becoming operational, or the issue of the customer’s invoice (whichever is earlier). You can report manually or go online
  2. We generate a certificate, a copy of which you provide to the customer.
  3. Local government may carry out an audit of the work and review any as-constructed drainage plans.

Why do you need to report notifiable work?

By creating detailed records and carrying out inspections, we are able to maintain high standards and make sure the work complies with health and safety laws.

Penalties apply for failure to report notifiable work or for carrying out work which is not in accordance with stated codes and standards.

Other types of plumbing work

Not all plumbing and drainage work is notifiable work and other types include 'minor work' and 'compliance assessable work'.

Minor work includes things like changing a like for like tap fixture where there is no change to the water supply pipework or to the drainage outlet.

Compliance assessable work often includes more complex or higher risk plumbing work and you must first obtain a permit from the local government plumbing inspector. Any work for a brand new building or new connection to the water and drainage service utility providers will be compliance assessable work.

Some jobs may involve carrying out more than one type of plumbing work. For example, a customer could request changes to an existing toilet suite (minor work) as well as the installation of a brand new toilet and washbasin (notifiable work).  Therefore, this is notifiable work and must be reported to the QBCC within 10 business days.

As a QBCC plumbing and drainage licensee, you need to know about the differences between all categories and be able to give sound advice to your customers.