Notifiable Work - Progress claims and payments

There are instances where you may have to register Notifiable Work multiple times when working under a single contract. This may occur even though the work is not complete or operational.

Issuing invoices under a single contract

When you issue an invoice which involves Notifiable Work as a progress claim to recoup costs, you must also lodge a Form 4/4A within 10 business days of the date of completion of that stage.


  • A plumber subcontracts to a builder for a house renovation and extension job which includes the creation of.a new kitchen and a bathroom. The plumber carries out preliminary work which allows other trades to do their work. This includes demolition of the existing work in both areas, new rough-in work and alterations to water supply pipework and sewer drainage. A new in-ground branch sewer line will be required to service the extension floor area. To finish off the work, the plumber will return to install and fit-off new sink, taps and laundry tubs. Several invoices will be issued during this job, each requiring a separate lodgement of a Form 4.
  • A plumbing contractor is engaged by a facilities maintenance manager to service temperature control and backflow devices for a large campus of multiple buildings. When necessary, any existing defective devices will be replaced and any exposed system deficiencies requiring new devices will be installed. The plumber works under a single contract over a number of months but will still be required to lodge a separate Form 4 everytime a new job is carried out.