What if the adjudicated amount is not paid?

An adjudicated amount must be paid within 5 business days after a copy of the adjudicator’s decision is received or by a date decided by the adjudicator.

If the adjudicated amount is not paid in full by the due date, the claimant may be able to:

  • give a payment withholding request to the higher party in the contractual chain
  • give the respondent a written notice of intention to suspend work
  • lodge the adjudication certificate as a judgment debt in court (a fee may apply)
  • if a judgement debt has been lodged, claimants who are head contractors may register a charge over property
  • lodge a monies owed complaint form with the QBCC for investigation if the respondent is a QBCC licensee (no fee applies). A licensee that does not pay a debt as and when the debt falls due may be in breach of QBCC licence conditions. Licensees that fail to pay debts risk licence suspension or cancellation.

See the Industry guide to security of payment laws (PDF) for more information.