Once adjudication has begun

Adjudication decision

When the adjudicator receives an application, they will assess whether they have jurisdiction to decide the payment dispute. Further information may be requested from either party to assist with making a decision.

In making a decision: the adjudicator will decide:

  • The amount owed (if any)
  • The due date for payment
  • The interest rate that applies.

When the adjudicator makes a decision, they will notify both parties and request payment of the adjudicator’s fees. After receiving payment, a copy of the decision will be given to both parties.

See the Protecting your payment rights booklet (PDF) for more information.

If there is an adjudicated amount owing, the registry will provide the claimant with an Adjudication Certificate for the decision.

Once a decision has been released the registry will publish the decision to the decision search page.