The courts

A claimant may choose to pursue an outstanding payment through the court system, which includes the Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts.

The amount in dispute dictates which court will hear your matter:

  • you can apply to the Magistrates Court for debts up to $150,000
  • you can apply to the District Court for debts above $150,000 up to $750,000
  • you can apply to the Supreme Court for debts above $750,000.

Note: The Magistrates Court offers a mediation service as an alternative to going to trial.

To avoid the expense, time and conflict of a trial through court, it’s worth getting some legal advice to:

  • help you decide if court action is suitable for your circumstances
  • explore faster and more affordable dispute resolution options such as case appraisal, mediation, adjudication or QCAT.

More information about how to apply to the courts and how judgment is enforced can be found on the Queensland Courts website.