Payment disputes

Monies Owed Complaint

Are you owed a debt by a QBCC licensee?

It is a minimum financial requirement that QBCC contractor licensees must pay a debt on or before the day the debt becomes due and payable. If the licensee fails to meet their requirements, QBCC may take action against the licensee which may prompt the licensee to pay the debt. Failure of the licensee to pay a debt may result in licence suspension or cancellation and in the case of an unsatisfied judgment debt, may include allocation of demerit points which could lead to a three year exclusion period. 

When QBCC can’t assist

  • If an Adjudicator, Court or Tribunal decide the debt is not payable before the due date;
  • If the amount of the debt owed by the licensee is equal to or less than an amount being counter-claimed by the debtor;
  • If the debt is subject to a dispute, supporting evidence must be provided;
  • If a proceeding, or proceeding for appeal has been started in a court or tribunal in relation to the debt; or an adjudication application has been made in relation to the debt;
  • If the matter is currently subject to an Adjudication application.

When QBCC can assist

  • If the debt is between a QBCC contractor licensee and a contracted party or a supplier of goods and services;
  • If an order has been made by an Adjudicator, Court or Tribunal to pay the debt, and the due date for payment has passed;
  • Once any disputes regarding the debt are finalised.

What information must to be provided?

The Monies Owed Complaint must be accompanied by evidence of the debt including the invoice, contract or similar agreement which must include:

  • The name of the QBCC contractor licensee (individual or company)
  • The amount of the debt
  • The due date of the debt
  • The reason for the debt (e.g. supply of paint)
  • Any correspondence with the licensee about the debt, extended payment terms, payment arrangements etc.

How do I lodge a Monies Owed Complaint?

You can complete the form online or download a print version.

Once lodged, QBCC will contact you within 10 business days.