Plumber and drainer - occupational

Scope of work

  • Plumbing work, other than plumbing work for which an endorsement on a plumbers licence is required to perform the work
  • Drainage work below ground level, other than drainage work for which an endorsement on a drainers licence is required to perform the work.

Qualifications required

  • Apprenticeship Completion Certificate
  • Certificate III in Plumbing - CPC32413, or
  • Certificate III in Plumbing (Mechanical Services) (with sanitary stream completed) - CPC32513

Experience required

(a) At least one year’s practical plumbing and drainage experience after successful completion of the plumbing and draining apprenticeship; or 
(b) practical experience at least equivalent to the practical experience mentioned in paragraph (a).

Applying for a licence

For more information about the application process see Apply for an occupational plumbing and draining licence.  

If you intend to run your own business view details on Apply for a trade contractor licence or Apply for a nominee supervisor licence if you are a nominee for a company.