Is Insurance Payable? (for contracts entered into prior to 28th October 2016): 

External or Internal Rendering on its own is not insurable work. However, if the work is carried out under a contract that includes over $3300 of primary building work (an example is part of building a house) it is insurable under the main contract.
Reason: This work (when done in isolation) is not included as insurable work under the legislation (Sections 11(2) and 12 Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003).

Is Insurance Payable? (for contracts entered into on or after 28th October 2016): 

Rendering (internal or external) of a residence or related roofed building is insurable work if over the insurable value of $3300. Work of this nature of a value of $3300 or less is also insurable work if carried out under a contract that includes primary insurable work (valued over $3300).

Reason: See section 67WC(1)(b) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 – as amended.

Also see section 27(a) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2018 – as amended.

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