Change your licence type

You can change your licence type at any time, unless you hold a site supervisor or fire protection occupational licence, in which case you’ll need to go through a different process.**

If you do decide to change your type, we may adjust the amount of your annual licence fee from the date you requested the change.


Companies can’t change their licence type.

How to change the type of licence

Complete a Change Licence type Form (PDF) to change from:

  • Nominee Supervisor to Contractor*
  • Contractor to Nominee Supervisor
  • Contractor or Nominee Supervisor to Site Supervisor or Fire Protection Occupational.**

* In addition, complete the declaration if your maximum revenue (MR) is no more than $800,000.

P​​​​​​rovide an MFR Report (PDF) if your MR is more than $800,000.

**Changing from Site Supervisor or Fire Protection Occupational to Contractor or Nominee

You can only change your licence type by submitting a licence application and meeting current licensing requirements.