Update your details

Make sure you always let us know if your circumstances change.  You risk licence suspension or cancellation if you don’t receive important correspondence, such as your annual licence renewal notice.

Update details for individual licensees

Update your address, phone number or email within 14 days of the change.

Note: your business address must be a physical address and not a PO Box.

Update interstate or New Zealand licence details

You must submit a Change of interstate or New Zealand licence status form (PDF) to us within 14 days if: 

  • You are granted an interstate or New Zealand licence for commercial, industrial or residential building or construction work
  • Your interstate or New Zealand licence is cancelled or suspended.

Penalties may apply if you don’t notify us of these changes.

Add a business trading name

To add a business trading name, provide a current copy of your ASIC Record of Registration.

Update details for companies

Inform us of any changes to the company’s licence details within 14 days. This includes changes to the company’s director/s and nominee/s.

Penalties may apply to your company if you don’t notify us of a change of nominee or if it doesn’t have a nominee. Your company’s licence may be suspended or cancelled if it fails to have a licensed nominee for more than 28 days.

Change of company nominee

For any change of company nominee, complete:

Change of company director

Complete the Change of Particulars Notice Form (PDF) to inform us about a change of company director.

When a director leaves the company, you also need to provide: