Information for building industry professionals

Owners of buildings required to complete Part 2 of the combustible cladding checklist will need to engage a building industry professional.

A building industry professional for the purpose of the Safer Buildings checklist is defined in the Building Regulation 2006.

A building industry professional for all classes of buildings is:

  • A building certifier (level 1);
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes –
    • Builder open
    • Builder design open
    • Fire safety professional;
  • An architect
  • A registered engineer in 1 or more of the following –
    • Civil engineering
    • Fire engineering
    • Fire safety
    • Structural engineering.

For buildings no more than 3 storeys and with a total floor area of less than 2000m2 is:

  • A building certifier (level 2)
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes –
    • Builder medium rise
    • Builder design medium rise

Building industry professionals will need to prepare and sign a building industry professional statement - Form 34.

Read the Guideline for assessing buildings with combustible cladding for more information.

A building industry professional must give a copy of the statement within 5 business days after the statement is signed to the building owner, the QBCC and the relevant local council.

Building industry professionals must keep a copy of the building industry professional statement for at least 5 years.