STC – On-site Sewage Treatment Panel (OSTP)

OSTP Purpose and Functions

The OSTP is established by the STC under section 106(e) of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 to investigate and provide recommendations on issues relating to on-site wastewater systems in Queensland, including:

  • health risks
  • licensing requirements
  • training and qualifications
  • public knowledge of maintenance requirements; and

The OSTP also provides advice on any other matter referred to the OSTP by the STC.

OSTP Members

The Panel includes members from government, private sector, industry stakeholders and specialists and academics in the field of on-site sewage management. Current OSTP members include:

  • Dr Janet Cumming, Queensland Health (Chairperson)
  • Ray Smith, Institute of Plumbing Inspectors Queensland (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Greg Jackson, Queensland Health
  • Mr Daniel Field, Queensland Health
  • Eddie Denman, Institute of Plumbing Inspectors Queensland
  • Greg Moore, Local Government Association of Queensland
  • Ernie Kretschmer, Master Plumbers Association of Queensland
  • Lindsay Walker, Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW)
  • Simone Boughen, HPW
  • Russell Martin, HPW
  • Chris McCahon, QBCC
  • Medina Handley, Seqwater
  • Bruce Smith, Global Certification Pty Ltd
  • Ted Gardner, Central Queensland University
  • Des Harms, TAFE Queensland