A voice for service trades

The Service Trades Council (STC) is established under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018 to represent Queensland's service trades. The STC was created to:

  • promote and enhance the QBCC’s licensing of plumbing and drainage, fire protection and air-conditioning and mechanical services tradespeople
  • support the QBCC’s investigation of complaints relating to regulated and unlicensed work by the above service trades and to take appropriate enforcement action where necessary
  • be a responsive regulator in addressing issues of concern raised by the Minister or representatives of the Council
  • assist the QBCC in promoting acceptable standards of competence for the above trades.

Vision for Service Trades Council

As the independent advisory body representing Queensland service trades, protect the public's health and safety as well as environment.


The Service Trades Council (STC) is responsible for delivering the following functions:

  • Conferring on national policy development and implementation for the trade
  • Reporting to the Minister on—
    • Any issue relating to the trade the Minister refers to it; or
    • Any issue relating to the trade the council considers the Minister should know about
  • Making recommendations to the QBCC Commissioner about the performance of the Commissioner’s functions under the Act
  • Establishing a panel of the Council to assist the QBCC Commissioner to effectively and efficiently perform the Commissioner’s functions under part 3, divisions 1 to 6
  • Establishing other panels to assist the Council to effectively and efficiently perform its functions
  • Reviewing decisions of the QBCC Commissioner made under section 68 of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.


All members of STC and its deputy members alongside the QBCC staff who support the Council, are committed to carrying out functions in a professional manner, with emphasis on:

  • treating clients and each other with respect
  • being transparent and accountable
  • observing the principles of natural justice in all actions, policies and procedures
  • striving towards best practice in everything the Council does.