Shade Sails

Is Insurance Payable? (for contracts entered into prior to 28th October 2016): 

Construction or a structural renovation of a shade sail attached to a residence or related roofed building is insurable work as it affects the structural performance of part or all of the residence (wind and wall loading).

The construction of a free standing shade sail is only insurable if it is a related roofed building. A related roofed building:

  • is a fixed structure;
  • is on the site of a residence or proposed residence;
  • is for private use;
  • has a roof that is impervious to water or wind.

Reason: Building work that affects the structural performance of a residence or related roofed building, or increases the building’s covered floor area, is insurable under the legislation. The Scheme also insures the construction of related roofed buildings (Section 11 of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003)

Is Insurance Payable? (for contracts entered into on or after 28th October 2016): 

Building work for a shade sail on the site of a residence is not insurable work in isolation.

However, if the work is carried out under a contract that includes primary insurable work (valued over $3300) (e.g. a contract to build a swimming pool) it is insurable under the main contract.

Reason: Under the legislation a sail, umbrella or like thing is not a residence or related roofed building. Work on a sail is therefore unable to be primary insurable work. It may however be associated insurable work if included as part of a contract for primary insurable work (valued over $3300), such as the construction of a house or swimming pool.

See sections 67WC and 67WF of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991 (as amended).

Example of a shade sail:

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